5 Pillars of success for product launch

Market Validation

  • Interview 25-50 prospective customers
  • Test product capabilities vs. market need vs. pricing
  • Quantitate ranking analysis for must have vs. nice to have
  • Evaluate product in relation to other product needs in the customer lab. 
  • Assess if product should be developed and is investable
  • Develop forecast based on sales ramp rate defined by customer definition of product need.

Early access/Seeding programs

  • Set up collaborations with key opinion leaders (KOL) 
  • Work with collaborator to develop publication material  AND key marketing content required for go-to-market 
  • Set up market programs for launch using content generated by KOL. 

Develop and Execute Commercial Sales and Marketing Plan

  • Design Go -To -Market plan 
  • Evaluate channel strategy based on price 
  • Develop market launch strategy and KPIS for success
  • Develop pipeline before launching channels.

Launch lead generation campaigns domestically

  •  Telemarketing 
  • E-marketing 
  • Print 
  • Banners 
  • Webinars 

Global channel development and planning

  • Establish distribution early to allow for budget cycles and distributor ramp rates.
  • Identify complementary distribution channels