Testimonials and projects

Sphere Fluidics

  “JBC did primary market research with about 30 international organisations for Sphere Fluidics on our new single cell analysis technology platform (Cyto-Mine®). The report was impressive and the findings were critical in shaping the product specifications, pricing  sales and routes to market. The quality and objectivity of their report also helped build confidence with Sphere Fluidics investors and was seminal in us winning a $multi-million investment round. I recommend JBC highly for their business acumen, knowledge of the Life Sciences Tools industry and professional analysis skills”.  

- Frank Craig, CEO Sphere Fluidics

Example projects

- Product market fit testing viability of proposed products resulting in  precision launch of product and VC funding of Series B

- Lead generation resulting  in 20 new projects

- Channel development in Asia resulting in over 200K  sales within 4 months of launch.

-KOL development  resulting in  successful marketing launch and publications.

Sword Dx

- Rob Donoho, VP Sales and Marketing Sword Diagnostics.