Lead Generation and Inside Sales

Trends in sales strategies

Sales of life science tools has radically changed over the last 20 years.  What has not changed is that it still takes people to sell to people. While e-marketing tools have allowed us to have  greater numbers and greater quality  of interactions, sales prospects will typically reach out to well branded companies when ready to make a purchase. They still pick up the phone or write an email to their sales reps. Those sales reps are typically farmers. JBC solutions allow your company to distribute the sales process among low cost individuals who hunt for  opportunities and enable live conversations early on in the sales process to  provide better forecasting and pipeline generation along with high quality interactions between  field sales and customers. 

Lead Generation

Wouldn't you prefer that your sales people are making live sales calls as opposed to spending valuable time on social media and trying to reach  prospects by phone that they were handed to them from trade shows or generated online. JBC  can  complement the field team and  rapidly and effectively qualify sales prospects. We have social media strategies and data mining solutions to effectively identify those researchers who likely need your products.

Inside Sales

Lead Generation for a small sales team , can provide for an overwhelming amount  of sales ready and marketing ready leads. JBC can take it much farther into the sale process and deliver presentations over the phone. When we finish with a prospect, they will be qualified for money and opportunity and either be ready for a purchase order or a demonstration. We integrate our solutions directly into your sales teams efforts.If you don't yet have a sales team, we can rapidly launch your products.

Our difference

JBC retains  sales reps with extensive field experience and a broad knowledge of research tools.  Our ability to adapt our knowledge with your technology  is first in class and complements your field teams efforts. Our ability to find leads cost effectively  has been proven over and over by our referenced client base. Lastly, JBC provides a host of market analysis solutions which are used to best understand the sales/distribution channels as well as best practice for customer outreach.