Our Services

Delivering execution success

Execution success is based on effective execution of the 5 key elements for launch of tools into the life science and pharmaceutical market. We work with your organization from early stages of product definition through channel development and expansion to help deliver successful and profitable organizations early in the commercialization process. JBC Associates provide innovative and cost effective hands on tactical and strategic services with measurable results.

Product Market Fit analysis

Early stage product-market fit is the most critical marketing activity you can perform before making a decision.  The goal is to assess if the product as it is defined solves a significant problem and if enough customers  will pay for it.   Our proven and unique  approach based on Steve Blank's proven methods and modified for the industry  provides you a quantitative and statistical analysis resulting in  indisputable reports used for operations and fund raising.   

Early Access programs

We have developed a network of academic  key opinion leaders and Biopharma technology development scientists. Our process to set up and monitor Alpha and Beta site placement results in data which can be used for scientific publications and marketing. We guarantee that your initiatives  will be completed as we project.

Pipeline development and lead generation

The evangelical selling process begins about 6 months before product shipment. Our team has years of experience  bringing to market products with limited tools and resources. Once the product is ready to ship, our team has developed a healthy pipeline of sales ready to close. Upon product shipment, we generate e-marketing and telesales campaigns to continue driving sales  until you are ready to hire a direct team or transition to distributors or manufacturer representatives.

Channel Development

Often, companies both domestic and abroad cannot afford adequate direct sales coverage needed to meet desired forecasts  within North America.  JBC has various solutions to drive first year sales or identify manufacturer reps or distributors. Internationally, JBC is partnered with I&L Biosystems to help bring your early market tools into Europe.  

Fund raising and Venture capital support

JBC is networked with early stage sources of capital. Our services provide you development of slide decks, business plans, mentoring and investor introductions. In addition we provide investors with diligence support using our extensive market intelligence reports and processes.