About the founder- Mark Atlas

Mr. Atlas has been  with companies large and small. He received his BS at the University of California in Santa Barbara in Pharmacology. After spending 5 years in research, he was a top  sales performer for  Waters Corp. for 7 years.  

In 1997, Mr. Atlas founded an online laboratory equipment marketplace which he successfully merged with SciQuest.com and helped take it public in 1999.  

Mr. Atlas took his start-up experience  and joined Eksigent in 2003. There,  he served in diverse rolls overseeing sales  and marketing programs where  he guided the branding and lead generation efforts. Eksigent was sold to Sciex/Danaher. In 2007, Mr Atlas was recruited  to lead Global Sales  at Fluxion Biosciences. Growing the company from 4 to 30, Mr. Atlas led the product release of 2 novel technologies and developed cost effective and productive methods for  sales management and lead generation. 

Mr. Atlas and his team of associates  is now applying his 20 years of experience in Start-ups to guide emerging companies to success. He has redefined the sales  process, developed key techniques for market validation and created methods for young companies to determine the best go-to-market approach. His background in sales and marketing in younger environments enables him to develop  and execute plans with capabilities of testing them prior to   scaling the go-to-market solution for all aspects of life science reagents and equipment.